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Letter from the Head re re-opening of school in June.

20th May 2020
Dear Parents/Carers of children in Reception, Y1 and Y6,
As you are aware, we are now beginning to plan for the phased reopening of specific year groups. Thank you for your responses from the survey monkey and the questions or concerns which you raised.
The government guidance has advised schools to organise children in groups of no more than 15 and to keep these groups together throughout the day with the same staff. The idea being that we keep these children in a ‘bubble’, so that we can minimise the contact they have with other children and adults throughout the day.
We have also been advised to stagger drop off/pick up times to minimise the number of adults who may come into contact with one another. We have been advised to put in place a one-way system for drop off/pick up times.
We have also been advised to stagger playtimes and lunchtimes to prevent the possibility of the ‘bubbles’ crossing over.
As you can see this is not anything like school pre-lockdown. We are working and thinking in a whole different way.
The plan for the phased reopening would be:
Drop off/Pick up
Reception – 8.30am – 3pm
Y1 – 9am – 3.30pm
Y6 – 8.45am – 3.15pm
Nurture Provision – 9.30 – 2.30pm
If you have 2 children returning in different year groups, bring both children at the later time.
Key Worker children will continue with 8.45am – 3.15pm accessing through the same way they have been.
Please note, if you are a key worker who requires a place in the key worker provision then you are required to give one week’s notice in order to ensure adequate staff pupil ratios can be put in to place.
If your child is in R, Y1 or Y6 and you change your mind and want your child to return to school after the start date, then again, one weeks notice is required to ensure the appropriate numbers in each ‘bubble’.
How will the children be grouped?
Reception children will be split over both the Reception classroom and the Nursery classroom. Please be aware therefore, your child may not be in their own environment but will be with their own teacher.
Year 1
Year 1 children will be split over Y1 and Y2 classroom, again please be aware your child may not be in their own classroom, or necessarily have their own teacher, but they will have a member of Y1 or Y2 teaching staff.
Year 6
Year 6 will be split into two groups, and again some children will not be in their familiar room but will be in the additional classroom in KS2 with Y6/Y5 staff.
Children will have their own set of resources/stationery and these will not be shared.

We are fortunate in school to have sinks in each classroom so that regular handwashing can take place, just as it was prior to lockdown. All soap dispensers will be kept topped up and children will wash hands regularly, supervised by an adult.
Social distancing – 2 metres
When children first return to school,staff will spend time talking about the need for distancing and remind children of this. At this point, and I know from your comments on survey monkey, the main question is, ‘how can you keep children apart?’ The simple answer is ‘we can’t’ and it would be wrong of me to guarantee this and the government guidance supports this. We will do everything to educate and remind children and model the distancing ourselves, but the younger the child, the harder it is.
The smaller groups, staggered drop off/pick up and playtimes, along with regular handwashing, are what we can definitely guarantee.
Communicating with staff
Should you need to speak to a teacher or myself, then please email the office and a member of staff will either email or phone you. As the office hours may be reduced during this time, please do not make unnecessary phone calls. Please be reassured that if your child is unsettled or unwell, we will phone you. At drop off/pick up parents will be asked to adhere to social distancing so will not have access to the teacher at these times.
Parents will not be allowed in the school building unless in the event of a medical need/emergency.
As children will eat in their classrooms, I am consulting with catering how we can make this work for us. At this moment I cannot guarantee we will provide a hot meal; it may be a packed lunch.
Home Learning
Should you choose not to send your child back to school, and there are no fines for non-attendance, school will continue to provide home learning packs which reflect what children in school are accessing.
As there will be no face to face transition days for Y6 with Holgate or National, the transition work will be available online.
As many children may have grown out of uniform, and clothes should be washed daily, then we appreciate that it may not be possible for full uniform to be worn. Therefore, there will be flexibility, within reason, of what children can wear.
Letting us know
In order for us to set a firm date which you can work towards if you are returning to work, can I ask that if you are planning to send your child back when we reopen, please email with your child’s name to enable the next stage of planning to take place by Friday 22nd May at 5pm.
As a school we are working really hard to minimise the risk to the whole school community, your response to this letter will help in this.

I appreciate it is the unknown, and it is for some people a difficult decision to make, but feel free to email if you have any questions.
Take care,
Katherine Collins